This week we are having fun exploring “Who’s in the Haunted House?”.  Haunted houses are a great way to work on expressive and receptive language.  This one on the left took a little more time to create, but the drawing on  the right is a much simpler way to do this activity.


Once your haunted house is created, here are some ways you can work on your speech and language goals:

  1. WH questions (e.g., Who’s in  the big door?; Where is the ghost?),
  2. Following directions (e.g., Put the bat on  top of the house)
  3. Giving descriptions (e.g., I see someone with a pointy hat riding a broom)

Once again, I love the book Ghost in the House to go along with our “Who’s in the Haunted House?” activity.  Other Halloween books to explore that will give your child some Halloween vocabulary include:

  1. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat
  2. Big Pumpkin
  3. 5 Little Pumpkins
  4. One Witch
  5. Boo! Touch and Feel

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