Social Skills Groups

pediatric social skills group

Therapeutic Approach to Social Development

Led by a one Speech Language Pathologist and one Occupational Therapist, the social groups are a fun, interactive program to build skills in the areas of language & play, social development and school readiness.

Language & Play: The program is designed to develop and nurture cooperative and imaginary play skills. Language is elicited through structured and unstructured activities and play by creating natural opportunities for social interactions.
Social Development: Children engage in a variety of adult and child directed social activities in order to develop and refine social development.
School Skills: The program will help children develop basic skills needed to actively participate in the classroom. These skills include attending, waiting, turn-taking, sharing, staying with the group and pairing language with nonverbal social skills.

Interactive 60 Minute Sessions Include:

  • Circle Time
  • Game
  • Craft/Movement
  • Play
  • And more!

Your child may be appropriate for this group if:

  • They have trouble joining, sustaining, and expanding parallel and imaginative play
  • They have difficulty with initiating and maintaining a conversation with peers
  • They have difficulty sustaining attention
  • Are shy and anxious in social situations

Please note: If you are a new client to either practice you will need to schedule a consultation with Kristina Stewart OTR/L or Rachel Hicks, MS, CCC-SLP prior to the start of the group. The proper paperwork for FUNdamentals and Building Blocks Therapy must be filled out before starting the Social Skills Group. Please fill out all the forms from FUNdamentals and Building Blocks Therapy.

Upcoming Groups

We are running supplemental school groups this Fall. Our groups will address specific fine motor and language needs, in addition to providing in-person opportunities for social skills.

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