With October here, it’s all Halloween all month long! Our first fun activity is making mixed up monsters. This is a great activity for a  little creativity and imagination! It can also address descriptive language or receptive language. There is a little bit of prep work for this activity, as a variety of different shaped pieces of felt or construction paper need to get cut out.  The kids can get involved by practicing their cutting skills!

Once you have a variety of pieces, spread them out on a felt board or just a table.

Now is the time to be creative!  Here are different ways you can have fun with your mixed up monsters:

  1. Expressively – simultaneously each make your own monster. Once completed, take turns describing it to each other, using descriptive words like, colors, size, and shape
  2. Receptively – describe to your child the different pieces you want to use as different body parts. This requires listening to different parts of  the message to ensure accuracy of their choice.
  3. Expressively – if you were brave enough to cut out duplicate pieces, place a board between you and your child.  Then see if you can take turns describing what you are doing and create identical mixed up monsters!
  4. mixed up monsters!

Finally you can finish up this activity with the popular Go Away Big, Green Monster book or another fun Halloween book, Ghost in the House.