With Washington in the World Series for the 1st time since 1933 (as the Senators), it is time to Play ball!  We are taking a short break from all things Halloween and incorporating some baseball themed activities into our speech therapy this week. Read on for movement breaks, crafts, and books, to get you more excited about the World Series coming to Washington. Heads up parents: the movement breaks are good for adults too!  Go Nats!

BASEBALL BODY BREAKS!– with the excitement building, it’s natural for our bodies to get antsy at school or work. Here are some “body breaks” that will have you  feeling ready for the big game:


  1. High leg marches across room
  2. Lunge walks across room
  3. Touch toes 10x


  1. Stand up with legs spread
  2. Hold arms out and clasp fingers
  3. Swing arms side to side


  1. Single – run in place as fast as you can
  2. Home run – jog in place


  1. Crouch low for the ball
  2. Stretch arms up high to make a catch
  3. Alternate 5x

Articulation Practice:

  1. Ball Toss – Practice words or sounds before tossing a ball into a bucket or glove. There are many variations to this game. You can use a real glove (I  recommend a soft ball though!) and take turns playing catch. You can use the velcro mitts and velcro ball with younger kids for easier success. Finally, you can do this as a craft, by having the target words on the baseballs and gluing onto mitts. craft
  2. Fine Motor – Lacing cards – create this baseball out of cardboard and find a shoelace or yarn and practice the in/out of lacing.       lacing card

Finally, here are some great baseball themed books for kids to look at this time of year:

  1. Curious George at a Baseball Game
  2. Pete the Cat Play Ball!
  3. Bearenstein Bears Go Out for the Team
  4. Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit

Take a break from Halloween, wear your red, and get ready to stay up late.  Go Nats!