A favorite activity during ALL 4 seasons is making slime. My favorite recipe involves only 3 ingredients and takes on more of the consistency of putty.  This is important for  a few reasons. One, I find it’s less messy/gooey, so parents and teachers are more tolerant if I’m introducing this into their classroom or home. 🙂  Two, the putty-like texture requires more finger  work when trying to pull out hidden Halloween creatures.  Three, you can do more with rolling it, molding it, and using cookie cutters.  If this sounds like the “slime/putty” for you, here’s how to create it:


  1. 2 cups glue (I mix 1.5 cups of clear and .5 cups of colorful glitter glue; for pumpkin slime, orange was the obvious choice)
  2. 2 tblspns of baking soda
  3. 4 tblspns of contact solution
  4. Mix the  first 2 together, then add in the contact solution.
  5. Watch the mixture go from sticky to tacky!