Create a simple treasure hunt for your child to find the treasure – their valentine! There are different ways you can design the hunt:
1. if your child is a reader, write out descriptions; if you have a non-reader, draw pictures with 1-2 words. Have each clue lead to the next clue until they reach the last one, the treasure! 
2. Play more of an “I Spy” version where your child listens to a descriptive clue (e.g, “I spy something red and shiny on the couch”). The clues don’t follow one another, but once they’ve found all of the described items, they get a treasure.
3. Switch roles and see if your child can lead you on a treasure hunt! Can they write their clues or draw them? Can they use descriptive language with enough detail that you can find the correct object?

Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!