With St Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday, that means there is a whole weekend to enjoy rainbows, treasure, and green things! We’ve got your St Patrick’s Day language activities right HERE.
1.   Treasure Hunts– Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? These can be as simple as finding objects of different colors for your littlest ones (ages 2-3) or more difficult by following multiple clues or descriptive clues for your older ones (ages 4-6). Gold coins at the end of the hunt are always a fun surprise!
2. Rainbow crafts – So many fun things to do with rainbows, but my favorites usually include shaving cream, slime, or food coloring! Creating or making something is a great way to work on sequencing steps, making predictions, and then re-telling steps. Here are a few links links to some of our favorite rainbow activities in the past.
3. Green things! – I love having an “all things green day” during St Patrick’s Day week. Tasting green things is always an adventure and surprisingly, even picky eaters get into this – probably because they get to “rate” the different green foods and decide which ones are “yum” and which ones are “yuck”. Green foods to try include: green jello, green grapes, green peppers, green peas, green beans, green cookies (think sugar cookies with sprinkles). Make it fun by having a chart with all the choices and yum/yuck faces for the kids to circle their preference. Most kids are more willing to try something if they know they get the option to say they don’t like it.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!