As with most holidays, Valentine’s Day is a great one for speech and language activities! Last week we posted our Valentine’s Sensory Box

, which can be created easily and quickly with items from home and the $1 bins at Target or party stores.
Here we get into a few more Valentine’s speech and language activities:
1. Mail time! – This is a favorite activity of mine for language concepts such as vocabulary, categories, and following directions. Cut out hearts big enough to write questions on them. Questions such as: Name 3 things we see on Valentine’s day or What colors do we see on Valentine’s Day or What is something nice you could say to someone on Valentine’s Day are examples of questions to use. Take turns pulling the valentine’s out of the mailbox and “deliver” to each other.
2. Sweet, Strawberry Shakes – There is nothing I love more than an excuse to make milkshakes! This activity is good for kids working on feeding, following directions, and sequencing/recall. First, the prep work: this should be done as a joint activity. Can your child think of some ingredients needed in a strawberry milkshake? (Hint: 2 of the ingredients are in the name!). Next, cut up the strawberries. This is a great way to get involved tactily, as your child should be touching the strawberries to pick them up and up them in the blender. Once all ingredients are mixed, get out some straws and drink! Once done, can your child re-tell the steps and recall all ingredients? Work on concepts such as, “first, next, last”.

More Valentine’s Activities to come!