Water SlideThe summer has flown by due to the fun had at Survivor Camp 2012! Both camp groups (2-4yrs, and 4-7yrs) beat the heat with lots of water themed activities. The little kids enjoyed a make-shift water slide by sliding our kiddie pool under the bottom of the playground slide while the big kids slid down the real thing (see Bonzai water slide picture!). In addition to cooling down, the campers explored many themes such as, Olympics, music, zoo animals, beach party, volcanoes, the senses, and farm. Our outdoor and indoor spaces gave us many opportunities to work on speech, language, and social skills throughout our themed activities. Some of our favorite activities included: finger painting, blow-pens, shaving cream coloring, building and watching the volcano explode, and dancing to music.

Language Explosion – How building a volcano addresses language goals:

Homemade volcanoes are a fun, simple science project that kids love. They also present a variety of opportunities to enhance language skills. The first thing to do is make play-doh to build your volcano. Mix a combination of flour, oil, water, and salt to a play-doh consistency. Use this opportunity to talk about the different textures of the ingredients (soft, scratchy, wet) and to follow directions (e.g., “Get me a dry ingredient”).  Problem solve what ingredient you need more of if your play-doh is too wet/dry. Next, build the play-doh up around an empty water bottle (8 oz bottles are the best).  Add baking soda to the bottle and then choose the color for lava (we experimented with all the colors and tried to make new ones!).  Ask your child to predict what will happen when you pour in vinegar.  After you pour it in, place your thumb over the bottle opening until it explodes out!  When your child wants to do it again (and she will!) have her give you the instructions.  In addition to working on language skills, this activity will be a lot of fun for both you and your child!