Fall is such a great season for fun speech and language activities.  I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather, being rested from the summer, or the excitement over Halloween, but our therapists are filled with creative ideas for therapy in the Fall!  Here are some activities you can do at home to enhance your child’s speech and language.

1. Go for a walk and play “I Spy Fall Things”. With all the changing colors and falling leave and nuts, there will be lots to describe!

2. Make Halloween Slime with cornstarch, water, and green food coloring.  More or less water will change the consistency.

3. Play Simon Says Fall version – your child has to follow Simon’s instructions to act out fall actions: “fly like a ghost”, “walk like Frankenstein”, or “roll like a pumpkin”.  This is a fun game to work on movement, creative thinking, and to enjoy the outdoors!

4. Cook pumpkin seeds: Cut the top off the pumpkin and get messy scooping out the seeds. This is a fun way to explore different textures  and follow sequences.

5. Go to an orchard or pumpkin patch and select  variety of guords/pumpkins.  Talk about the textures (bumpy/smooth), and colors or patterns (striped/one color), and sizes. Play hide and seek with them around the yard.