Winter Newsletter

To our valued clients,

Welcome to winter and the holiday season! At this time of year, parents often ask for present ideas and activities. Below you will find gift suggestions with an emphasis on creativity and speech and language enhancement.

Please check out our blog at for craft ideas, ipad apps, and local activities to keep you busy during the holiday season!


Younger kids 9 mos-24 mos.

  • Blocks, cars, shape sorters, musical and light up toys are fun toys for the toddlers to explore! The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom soft stacking ring is a fun twist on the traditional ring stacker.
  • Check out for more wooden and soft baby toys! (like the Shake n’ Match Sorter and Patty Cake)

Older kids 5-6+

  • Secret Square, Don’t Wake the Hulk, Slamwich, The Dog’s Meow, and Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! are all games requiring strategy and higher level thinking and organization.
  • Science experiment kits are great for following directions, problem solving, and prediction. Try the Bubble Gum Factory at

Fun for All

  • Jungle Jam, Kids on Stage, Animal Scramble, Diggity Dog, Hyperdash, and Creative Creatures are all games that incorporate listening and movement. These are great for auditory processing and motor planning!
  • Best versatile toy for small spaces – Mini block and roll –
  • Portable toys – try new “portable puzzles” by Kid Journey to keep kids occupied on car trips!
  • Eco-toys – the Plan City brand creates their toys from sustainable materials such as, organic rubber wood.

New takes on Old Classics:

  • Superhero version of Chutes N Ladders
  • Sorry! Sliders – Sorry!
  • Caribou Treasure Island – Caribou
  • Candyland Castle – Candyland
  • Pictureka! – I Spy
  • Pretend play is a vital part of social skill and language development! Help your child’s creativity, imagination, and expressive language grow with toy sets such as, dollhouses, kitchen sets, doctor’s kits, blocks, train sets, tool sets.


Cinnamon-applesauce ornament – mix cinnamon and applesauce together to a play-doh like consistency. Use a cookie cutter to cut out a holiday shape. Sprinkle glitter, tie a ribbon, and let dry. When dry (usually 24 hours), find a place to hang and enjoy the good smell!

Happy Holidays!
Kirsten, Melissa, Laney, Cristin, Rachel, and Meghan