Once again, we’ve got an entire weekend to  enjoy St Patrick’s day activities!  In my ongoing quest to find new and creative ideas to include in therapy sessions, here are this year’s choices for St Patrick’s day activities.

  1. Beaded pipe cleaner shamrocks! This is a creative take on the regular pipe cleaner and bead bracelets. For the 4-5 year olds, have a model ready for a visual cue.  After adding the beads, see if they can re-create the shamrock shape . (It might be hard, so be prepared to help!). For the younger set (3-4 years) have them add their beads, and then help them twist into the shamrock shape.
  2. Fizzy shamrocks – Explore color mixing and the combination of baking soda plus vinegar in this fun craft that targets both language and fine motor goals.  Read the specific directions HERE .(Be warned – these are directions for Valentine’s hearts, but shamrock shapes and yellow and blue can be substituted easily!).  Scissors and squeezing spray bottles or droppers work on hand strength. Predicting outcomes of the color mixtures and vinegar + baking soda addresses language skills.
  3.  Leprechaun trail – this activity is somewhat similar to our treasure hunt suggestions from last year.  Use a little leprechaun to move around your house following directions or take turns hiding him to practice both giving and following clues to find him.  If you have gold coins, use them at the end so he “finds the treasure!”.