Valentine’s Day is filled with activities for speech, language, and fine motor goals and this week we’re highlighting Valentine card making!  Valentine’s cards (or any cards) are a great way to practice expressive language, sequencing, and fine motor skills such as cutting, coloring, and writing.  We’re especially excited because our cards this year are going to children in area hospitals who won’t be home to celebrate Valentine’s day. Eliana’s Light. is the amazing charity behind this initiative.

Valentine’s Day card goals:

  1. Sequencing – have a completed (or don’t for extra challenge!) card as a visual model.  Ask your child what materials they need and what steps should be taken to complete the card.  Your child can retell their steps, using sequence words such as “first, next, last”, when they are finished.
  2. Fine Motor – Have your child practice cutting out different shapes from construction paper. For younger ones, draw out the shapes in thick marker for guidelines. Straight lines are easier than curved lines, so draw appropriate shape for your child! If regular scissors are a challenge, try the spring back scissors as a starter scissor.  Your child can practice their pincer and tripod grips with crayons to color in hearts or cupids.  If your child is of writing age, work on writing a special message on their card.
  3. Expressive language – Have your child ask or describe the materials he/she wants to use. Using the color + shape (red heart; pink heart) or size + shape (big heart)is a good way to increase length of utterance and work on descriptive language.  If you and your child are working together, have one bucket of materials in order to encourage asking and waiting for a turn.

Most of all have fun and enjoy creating something special for someone else!  For more Valentine’s Day ideas, please review our blog from last year (and  2nd blog).  We created and blogged about Valentine sensory boxes and a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt. Also visit our  Pinterest page for even more activities for language, fine motor, and sensory fun!