Happy Snow Day! Everyone went to bed last night with a snow day on their minds.  Despite only a dusting in NW DC so far, we are home and off school/work. Here are some snow day activities to keep those kids occupied (until there’s enough to go sledding!).

1. Easter egg hunts! (fill easter eggs with pictures, words, small items, ect. Talk about where they are hidden, describe what is inside, or make a sentence using the word or about the picture.)

2. Make a snowman, snow angel, or hot chocolate and talk about how to make it (you can pretend like you don’t know how to make it so your child will have to give you specific directions).

3. Read books about snow, snow days, spring coming, ect. (Look outside and relate it to the day. Find words with specific sounds.)

4. Draw pictures after playing outside and retell what happened. (Or take a few pictures on your phone then look at the pictures after and retell what you/your child did)

5. Scoop some snow into a large bin and break out the water color paints. Let the kids paint the snow indoors and have fun mixing colors and watching them blend together.

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