While it’s not quite a winter wonderland outside, the temperatures are reminding us it’s winter! With rain and more chilly temps coming up this weekend, here are some fun, easy activities to work on speech and language goals while staying inside.

Indoor Winter themed activities:

  1. Melting snowmen – We’ve been having fun this all week. The melting snowman are little kits with putty and all the parts needed to create your very own indoor snowmen. If you have two kits, you’re set for requesting and describing! If you only have one, you can make a second set with random things around the home (e.g., tiny beads for buttons, a piece of string/pipe cleaner/ribbon for the scarf; real twigs for the arms, be creative!). Put all the pieces in a pile and use descriptive language to take turns asking for various parts (e.g., “Can I have the red buttons? Can I have the blue scarf?”). Once completed, talk about what is the same and what is different between your two snowmen. But hurry! They melt quickly!
  2. Puffy “paint” snow pictures – There are so many options with this one, but I’ve been incorporating the puffy paint snow into an activity to re-create a favorite scene from The Snowy Day. Start by making your puffy paint snow (see link above for recipe; super easy: glue and shaving cream). Next read The Snowy Day; an amazing book with simple, but descriptive language, and clear images. Talk about the different actions and description and then decide which page is your favorite. Grab some construction paper and paint away with your puffy paint snow. Add a boy dressed in red at the top of the mountain, use a fork to draw lines in the snow, or Q-tips to make tracks (first out, then in). Or, skip the book and have fun painting with the “snow” to create a unique snow scene. Once the “snow” dries it will have the same texture as traditional puffy paint!
  3. More Winter Crafts – find more ideas on our Pinterest page and from last year’s Winter blog post!
Watch them melt!

National Hot Chocolate Day activities coming next week!