It’s a race to get the holiday shopping done in  time this  year!  In time for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, here is your Building Blocks Holiday Gift Guide!  It gets harder each year, as many of our prior year recommendations are still good games and activities to recommend.  Therefore, I decided to make this year’s focus on new games and staff favorites. Ask your therapist if their favorite game is good for your child.  Links to 2017  and 2018 Holiday Gift Guides are also included at the bottom. They will be available in  the offices as well!


Ages 2+ – Monkey Around – Use a bean bag and banana to follow the directions doing different actions;  Dotty Dinosaurs – learn to roll dice and match colors/shapes to fill in the dinosaurs spots

Ages 3+ – Heads Talk/Tails Walk -A twist on Memory; if you get the head and tail wrong, you have to move around like the mashed up animal you created

Ages 4+ – Fishing Frenzy – not new, but re-issued; use a fishing pole to catch the fish as they move around and pop up in the pond

Ages 5+ – Lion in my Way – a revamped version of the Obstacles game; this game requires creativity and problem solving to get around the lion; Sloth in a Hurry – act out Who/What/Where questions, BUT slowly, like a sloth!

Ages 6+ -World of Disney Eye Found it – similar to Richard Scarry’s Busy Town, great game for receptive/expressive language.  For the unicorn lover in  all of us – Don’t Step In It -Unicorn Edition. Practice blind-folded balance and don’t step in the unicorn poop

Ages 7+ – Buzz Blast – This Highlights produced game has silly sentence, tongue twisters, and fact checking all in one…and timed!

Ages 8+Taco Vs Burrito – build the best taco or burrito, but beware of Food Inspectors and Food Fights!


Kirsten likes – Raccoon Rumpus and How to Build a Robot for their easy play, but great descriptive language. She also likes Barnyard Bingo and Roll and Play for her 2-3 year olds.  Kirsten loves Obstacles with kids 5 + and is excited to try the new version, Lion in My Way, if she gets it for Christmas!

Rachel likesMonkey Around for the younger set and HeadBandz and Spot It Jr for ages 4 and up. She’s excited to try What’s in the Cat’s Hat!

Cristin likesTake the Cake for younger kids and Sleeping Queens for older kids.

Bianca likesCat in the Hat I Can Do That! And Zingo for 3+ and Guess Who for 5+

Melissa likes – a tent and ball pit for the 1+ crowd and I Spy/Look & Find books for the 3+ kids

Emily likesPop Up Pirate and playing with Froogz!

Rebecca likesPlaydoh, Mr Potato Head, and UNO Moo



Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Happy shopping and please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more updates and ideas as we move into December!