Spring is finally here!! Time to get ready for the rain, the sun, the flowers, and the warmth! During this time of year, it is always fun to get outside for nature walks, as well as make some fun spring crafts on the rainy days! Here are a few language and fine motor crafts to keep you occupied for any type of day!


Since we do live where we can see cherry blossom trees wherever we go, it wouldn’t be spring without making a craft to honor this beautiful seasonal tradition!!  Besides having fun, it’s a great exercise for the pincer grasp and descriptive language. 

  1. Find a real branch, draw some branches off of a tree, or print one off and have your child color it brown.
  2. Use pink tissue paper and crinkle it up or pink paint with q tips to make your cherry blossoms.
  3. This is a great fine motor activity with coloring, crinkling up the tissue paper using your pincer grasp, and having a good hold on the q-tip!
  4. You can take this craft even further by going to look at the Cherry Blossoms. Talk about how they originated from another country, what they look like (dark vs light pink, some are white), what they smell like, how they feel. You can also pick some up and put them on your craft! 


Flowers are blooming everywhere! You can work on fine motor and language while making this easy flower craft at home with just a few materials! This works with the light colored cupcake liners or the darker ones!

  1. Cut out or color some flower stems with green paper (great fine motor!)
  2. Glue on the cupcake liners as the flowers and sun. You can add as much detail as you want!
  3. Talk about the types of flowers you can plant, how a plant grows, and steps to planting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We hope you  enjoy these crafts and we look forward to posting more Spring activities over the next few weeks!                                                                                                                                                                   The Building Blocks Team