In addition to the flowers and trees blooming, bugs start to make their way into our yards and parks when Spring arrives.  Check out how we’re incorporating bees, bugs, and butterflies into our therapy this Spring!

  1. Nature walks or scavenger hunts are a great way to finally get out of the house after the winter! Start by reading books like “In the Tall Tall Grass” or “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to get ideas about what to look for!

While on your walk, talk about the different types of bugs you see, the different animals, and the type of plants! In the Tall Tall Grass is a great book to incorporate because it provides tons of verbs that tell you what the bugs and animals are doing! You can even act some of them out!

After your walk, a craft is a great way to reinforce what you saw and read! Below are some examples of crafts to make with things you may have around the house!

  1. Frog: Cut out some green paper and talk about what the frogs eat, how they move around, and what noises they make!
  2. Bee: This is an even simpler craft where your child can work on cutting skills! Make an outline of the bumblebee wings (or have your child free hand a circle!). Next, let them cut straight lines for the stripes. You can talk about where the bee lives, what does it make for us, what noises do you hear, and why should we stay away from them!
  3. Caterpillar: There are many types of caterpillars you make! The one pictured below is a great easy option! Instead of cutting out the leaf, you could find leaves while out on your scavenger hunt. Then, talk about how they may be big, small, different colors, and different shapes! Glue on some pom pom balls and googly eyes and you have a caterpillar!