FUNdamentals and Building Blocks Therapy will be using the platform Theraplatform for our Telehealth therapy services in the upcoming weeks.  We are excited to choose this platform, as it is designed for speech, occupational, and physical therapy in mind.  There are resources already available to us and we are able to upload our own resources as well. The video format allows for interactive whiteboard use, board game play, and other interactive services. We are excited to custom our Telehealth sessions just as we do for our in-person sessions!

In terms of best practices, we are following the regulations set forth by the American Speech and Hearing Association  (ASHA), and our licensing boards in DC and VA to ensure Telehealth is conducted in a manner that is secure and appropriate for your child’s needs.  All therapists meet the licensing requirements for Telehealth and TheraPlatform is HIPAA compliant. What that means for you is:

  • HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.
  • Strong encryption for website and video connections.
  • Secure, highly available, telehealth platform

For families substituting clinic-based therapy with Telehealth therapy services, your therapist and/or Building Blocks assigned Telehealth scheduler, will be contacting you to schedule these sessions and to provide you with detailed instructions for Telehealth procedures. Instead of a regular 60 minute session, we are recommending two 30-minute sessions. The value of remote sessions is that your child will continue to practice their speech, language, and oral motor goals with their current therapist.  We are working on pulling together more information and research on Telehealth services to post on our website so you can familiarize yourselves with this alternate form of service delivery.

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