Small Language/Fine Motor/Sensory Social Groups this July

The warm weather making you think about summer?? Us too!  Our summer group registration is open and filling fast by now. We still don’t have a clear picture of what Summer 2021 will bring for us, but we do know we can run small, safe, indoor/outdoor summer social groups.  Last year’s summer was unprecedented and unpredictable. We had to switch from our large summer camp to a smaller, shorter summer social group with short notice and health conditions and requirements changing daily.  But not only did we get it done, we were successful!  Our summer social group  consisted of 6 kids and 2-3 professionals.  We wore masks and utilized both indoor (with windows) and outdoor space.  The kids practiced social distancing and were AMAZING at following all safety protocols (hand sanitizer, washing hands, masks on, 6 feet floor spaces, etc). In our first foray back into the office after a challenging spring, we were so lucky to have this great group with us! 
 Fast forwarding to January 2021, with the state of the pandemic ever changing still, we are moving forward with a similar format as last year. We are planning our 4 week Summer Social Group with smaller numbers and shorter sessions.  We are still determining location, but wherever it’s held, it will combine indoor/outdoor time. Shorter sessions allow us to have snack only, reducing the length of time for masks off. Snack will be eaten outdoors, allowing for increased airflow and distancing. 

Splish-Splosh Summer Group 

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