Please review our revised Office Policies effective April 1, 2021 here. As Spring and warm weather are starting, and people are getting vaccinated, we are happy to increase the number of staff working in the office. These policies will be emailed or given to you prior to your initial office visit. We have highlighted the updates below. We will continue to following guidelines on cleaning and masking in the office. Please contact us at with any questions about the Policy changes.

Updates and Changes to Policies noted below:

Disclosure of vaccine:

  • While we are encouraging all of our therapists to be vaccinated, this is not mandated by either Virginia or DC law.  The question of whether or not a therapist is vaccinated is a HIPAA protected question and should not be posed to your treating therapist directly.  Some therapists have chosen to disclose their vaccination records with the administration. If you would like to be matched with a therapist who has chosen to disclose their vaccination history, please let us know.  You can contact Melissa Grant, Director, at with any further questions or concerns.

Vaccine and Travel:

  • You do NOT need to quarantine or get a negative test if you are 2 weeks post-receiving the COVID-19 vaccine per CDC guidance.
  • If you are fully vaccinated and you are traveling to a single household to visit, you do not need to isolate or get tested upon returning.  Gathering with multiple people from multiple households, unmasked, is still considered to be a high-risk activity per CDC guidance and should be avoided.

Again, the full Policy document can be found on our website and completion of the form will be required to begin therapy.