While the holidays seem far off, with Thanksgiving so early this year, we need to get our gift ideas out sooner than usual!  I’m a small business Saturday shopper, but of course these gifts can be purchased at any time!  The process behind our holiday gift ideas is to help parents, grandparents, or friends select gifts that are fun, creative, developmentally appropriate and are language-stimulating.  While we add new ones each year (those toy companies continue putting new toys out there!), we don’t want to forget the old favorites.  This year’s post will highlight some of our traditional favorites along with a new favorite that is similar.  So, if your child is a Chutes N Ladders or Candyland fan (and is working on his/her sentence structure, color recognition or Why/Because questions using the pictures on the game board), you may want to try Frozen’s Surprise Slides.

If you like:  Ages 2-3 years: ThinkFun Roll N Play, Barnyard Bingo, Memory

Then you may like: Ages 2-3 years: Monkey Around, Yoga Activity Blocks, Tactile Search and Match

If you like:  Ages 3-4 years: Chutes N Ladders, Candyland, Zingo, Memory, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Pop Up Pirate

Then you may also like: Ages 3-4 years: Frozen Surprise Slides, Panda Rollers, Koala Capers, Build A Robot

If you like: Ages 4-5 years:  Sequence cards, What’s on my Head?, Headbandz, Tell-A-Story cards, Dream Cakes, Hiss

Then you may also like: The FairyTale Spinner Game, Picture Charades, Lemonade Shake Up, Sloth-in-a-Hurry game

If you like: Ages 5-7 years:  Spot It!, Race to the Space Pickles to Penguins, The Cupcake Game, Guess Who, Sorry!, What’s in Ned’s Head?, Labyrinth Jr, Obstacles, Sherlock, Busy Bridges, Camelot Jr., Race to the Treasure

Then you may also like: Ages 5-7 years: Gnomes at Night, Sushi Go!, Space Monster Giant Puzzle Game, Quick Pickle, Word on the Street, Outfoxed

This post highlights specific games that incorporate language and/or problem solving skills. Games can be an easy way to target certain goals at home in a fun way! Ask your therapist if any of these are appropriate for your child’s goals.  We’ll continue to post about different toys and sensory activities as the holiday season gets underway.

Happy Thanksgiving!