It is finally fall (even though the weather is tricking us)! When I think of fall, I think of apple picking and the smell of cinnamon apples baking in the kitchen. There are tons of apple activities and crafts to do that involve apples, language, and fine motor. You can always find good books to go along with the apple theme also!

  1. Apple Stop Light Snack 

This craft can be paired with the fun books “Red Stop, Green Go!” or “Ten Apples Up on Top!”  

1) Use a graham cracker and spread some peanut butter (or other nut-free butter).

2) Cut up a red, green, and yellow apple and place in the order of a traffic light.

Language Ideas: During the activity, your child can sequence the steps; figure out the materials needed, talk about how the different ingredients feel and look, and talk about the meaning behind the color of the traffic lights!

Fine Motor: The child can spread the peanut butter and use an appropriate finger grasp to place the apples onto the cracker!


  1. Apple Prints  

Another apple activity idea that does not involve food and also targets those language and fine motor skills is apple prints! Get some colored paint and your child can either hold the apple or you can place some type of holder for their hands to grasp easier.

Language ideas: Target  language words such as: on, push, red, yellow, green, big, small, more, again, help, done, and numbers to count how many times they have printed the apple.  Combine words to make 2-3 word phrases (e.g., “more red apple”; “push on green”)

Fine Motor: Skills include holding the apple, holding the grip that you place in the apple, and holding both the paper and the apple.

Try these activities and find more on our  Pinterest page!

Other books about Fall and apples include:

Apple Farmer Annie

Apples and Pumpkins

Apple Trouble

The Biggest Apple Ever