After joining forces with Myania Moses & Associates, the Occupational Therapy practice we share space with, we needed to retire our old camp names and come up with a new one reflecting our new joint camp. For two relatively creative people, this proved a bit challenging! But after some brain storming, we came up with: Camp Splish-S.P.L.O.S.H. (S.P.L.O.S.H. standing for “speech, play, language, occupational therapy, social skills, and having fun!”). While we were amazed at being able to form an actual word (kind of) with letters standing for all our camp targets, we also liked the reference to water. As therapeutic as our camp is (and being led by 2 OTs and 2 SLPs it’s 4.5 hours of targeting goals and facilitating the above areas of need), it is also summer camp and we love our water play! Both camps involved water when operating independently, whether it was with a water table, kiddie pool, car wash, slip n’ slide, or Bonsai water slide. Water play is not only fun, but can provide great sensory input for many kids. Some kids who shy away from social situations come alive when they are in the pool and welcome the chance to splash around with other peers. The games we play in the water facilitate turn-taking and social skills. If a child is not interested in the water, there are still many opportunities for their involvement, and we work towards increasing their comfort level by the end of our 4 weeks.
We hope you like our new name and we are looking forward to a fun, water-filled summer!