Staff Pick of the Week:

Each week in December you can find our gift of the week, chosen by a Building Blocks Therapist. We’ll highlight a toy or game that therapist enjoys using in sessions and give you insight into why this game is fun, engaging, and recommended!

Cristin recommends:

Lion in My Way is a creative problem-solving game that focuses on using imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills. The game comes with path cards and tool cards. Each path card features an obstacle you have to overcome. Tool cards are made up of a variety of useful and silly tools. Your job is to figure out how you can use the tools on the tool card to make it through each obstacle. Players are given the opportunity to offer solutions independently or to collaborate with each other to find a solution. After each player provides a solution, players take a vote on the “best” solution. Geared towards children ages 5 and up, this game is great for targeting vocabulary, descriptive language, reasoning, asking/answering questions, and social skills!

Where’s Bear? combines two of our favorite activities into one game—stacking blocks and finding hidden objects! The game comes with six boxes, each of which represents a room in Bear’s house. Parents and kids take turns hiding and finding Bear under the different boxes or rooms. Geared towards children ages 2 and up, this is a great game for targeting object permanence, vocabulary expansion, spatial concepts, following directions, answering questions, turn taking, and problem solving!

Complete Holiday Gift Guide

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for more games and toys for all ages! See what our staff recommends to enhance speech and language development at home. All of these recommendations can be found at local toy stores. Be sure to check back next week for Rachel’s gift of the week!