Building Blocks is excited to announce that 3 of our therapists attended the level 2 course of PROMPT last weekend: “Bridging:Technique to Intervention”. This course aims to refine the skills learned in the Introduction to PROMPT course. PROMPT (prompts for restructuring oral muscular phonetic targets) is a therapeutic technique used in children with apraxia of speech. It involves tactile cueing on the face to cue for specific sound production. There are different levels of training clinicians can complete. Currently, all full time Building Blocks Therapists have completed the first level of PROMPT training. We have waited a long time for the 2nd level course to come to our area!
The therapists reported they thoroughly enjoyed the course and believe it will improve their practice with the PROMPT technique. They stated that Bridging really engaged them in addressing the “whole” child (looking at postural support and body muscle tone), as well as, goal writing and choosing phonetic targets for each specific child.
You can read more about PROMPT here:The PROMPT Institute
Congratulations to Cristin Brophy, Laney Griffin, and Melissa Mimidis for completing the Bridging: Technique to Intervention course!