Fall is here, despite our temps humid and above 80! But if you look outside you may see the first hints of leaves changing color. That means it’s leaf project time!  There are so many activities and crafts to do involving leaves, language, and fine motor that it is hard to narrow down which ones to choose from. Since we’re all about efficiency, we chose to highlight crafts that address BOTH your fine motor and language goals to maximize your efforts.

  1. Leaf Painting – do this activity along with the book Leaf Man.
    1. Paint the leaf to create a “stamp”  
    2. Once it’s dried, grab your crayons or markers to add legs/arms/hair/a face to create  your own “leaf man”.  Have your child describe what he/she is doing or give them directions to create the “leaf man”. Talk about and feel the leaves and think about their different characteristics.  Then talk about how the different leaves could make up different body parts (e.g., head, body, arms, legs, etc.) and use other leaves/acorns/sticks to create a different leaf creature.

Other books about leaves and Fall include:

When Autumn Falls

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

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