Thursday September 22 is “Celebrate Rhinos Day”. We decided to check out what rhino activities we could incorporate into our speech/language sessions!  Let’s start with the obvious: /r/ practice! If you are brave, you can say the full word and practice initial AND medial /r/.  To turn it into a full lesson, use the book The Rhino Who Swallowed a Stormand make a rhino horn rhino horn.  Art projects are always a fun way to incorporate articulation goals and target receptive language (following directions).

The book  Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakeswould be fun to use during a feeding session or when addressing expressive or receptive language goals.  If you have the means, bring in some pancake mix and get cooking! (A way to get around a lack of stove is to prepare the batter, pretend to cook, and then heat already prepared or frozen pancakes in the microwave!).  Cooking activities can target many goals:

  1. Receptive language – “get the ___”
  2. Expressive language – “Tell me what you are doing”
  3. Recall – “how did we make the pancakes?”
  4. Feeding – cut into strips to work on biting; new tastes: dip into jelly/syrup/peanut butter/etc.


Happy Rhino Day!