As we head into the beginning, our Fall Social Skills groups start up the week of September 19th! FUNdamentals and Building Blocks Therapy will be running a social skills group on Wednesdays and Thursdays, collaboratively with the OTs from Myania Moses & Associates. These groups are geared towards children between 4-7 years old. You can find out more details about our social skills groups, including the registration forms, on our website at: FUNdamentals and Building Blocks Therapy

After a FANTASTIC Camp Splish-S.P.L.O.S.H. this summer, the collaboration between SLPs and OTs remains fresh in my mind. Running one of the small groups on our very first day with an OT from Myania Moses & Associates the benefit of working together was never clearer. There I was, working on sequencing and prediction to make our “Ocean in a Bottle” craft, when I realized the kids needed to take on and off the bottle tops 6 times during this activity. Who better than to assist with that fine motor and wrist rotation skill than the Occupational Therapist?! Ah-ha moment!

With small group rotations a daily part of our schedule, and a full staff of 2 OTs and 2-3 SLPs, there were many opportunities for more of this collaboration to occur. It was a great experience to work that seamlessly together and provide the parents the opportunity to really see how the fields can intertwine.

We look forward to carrying that energy over into the Fall Social Skills Groups!