Fall is a great season in the DC area with the fantastic weather, fall festivals, and street fairs. All these activities also provide great opportunities to enhance speech and language skills. If you have plans to attend a fall festival, talk to your child ahead of time about what you’ll see there. See if she can remember and find 2-3 things you talked about ahead of time.

A great book about visiting a farm in the fall is “Apples and Pumpkins”. Pumpkins and gourds can be used to talk about size and texture concepts. Have fun separating them into piles of long, bumpy, striped, and spotted!

Take pictures of the activities your child does while at a farm or festival. Be sure to include any animals you might have seen! Upload them to the computer at home and have your child describe what’s happening in each picture. Save it and now you have your own Fall festival book!

Take advantage of the sunny, cool days and go for a walk in a local park. Turn the walk into a treasure hunt and have your child find colorful leaves, round acorns, long sticks. Bring a bucket or wagon to collect them all. When you’re back at home, ask your child to label what she found or describe them to you.
Here are some links to area Fall activities:
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Free Museum Day!

Check back soon for kid-friendly fall recipes!