Today is Election day and while we try not to get political at FUNdamentals and Building Blocks Therapy, it can be challenging since we’re in our nation’s capital! Regardless of your affiliation, voting is an important part of our democracy, and today is a great day to exercise your right to vote. While kids may not “get it”, there are many ways to include them in today’s events. Read on to find out different activities to get kids involved in the election process.

Involving Kids in Election Day

  • Bring your kids to the polls or a safe ballot drop box. Use this opportunity to discuss why and what we’re voting for
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood. If it’s anything like our neighborhood there are signs up everywhere for various candidates running in local and national elections. Have fun with it by counting the number of signs for different candidates to see who has more lawn signs. You can then check results the next day to see if the number of signs predicted who won!
  • Set up something to vote on in your family. You can vote on what TV show to watch or what candy everyone likes best. Make it fun and creative!
  • Check out this list of kid-friendly books on voting, democracy, and elections. Many schools incorporate these into elementary curriculums to help children begin learning about our election day process.