Concerns how to discuss distance learning?

As back to school starts tomorrow in DC and Montgomery County, many parents have concerns about how to introduce this concept to their children. These concerns may be magnified for parents of children with special needs. Familiar routines are often an important part of a child with special needs day and distance learning is anything but routine! Social stories, read with consistency, can help prepare children for this new style of learning.

How to use a social story

There are many social stories about distance learning available. We’ve added links to free downloadables here and here. As every child is different, what works for your child may not for another. The key is to use something with the language and visuals that match your child’s needs. And don’t be afraid to adapt a story to make it best fit your child! Of the two links listed, I like the distance learning social story with feelings pictures. However, I recommend using pictures of your child’s emotions rather than the provided ones. And that story provides more information about the virus than may be needed for your child, depending on their age. It’s easy to choose the pages that work for you and leave out the ones that aren’t applicable.

Create your own!

Finally, if you haven’t found one that work for you, go ahead and create your own. After reviewing some pre-made ones, you know the general layout and information to include. Take your own pictures and use them in a manner that bests fits your family. Include a picture schedule of what your child’s day will look like. Don’t forget to add important parts like breaks, snacks, and the end of the day!

Continue to check our blog as we add more distance learning social stories and tips for back to school-distance style!