Happy Snow Day!

By Kirsten Metzger / March 21, 2018

Happy Snow Day! Everyone went to bed last night with a snow day on their minds.  Despite only a dusting…

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St Patrick’s Day Activities

By Kirsten Metzger / March 1, 2018

Once again, we’ve got an entire weekend to  enjoy St Patrick’s day activities!  In my ongoing quest to find new…

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Valentine’s Card making for language and fine motor goals

By Kirsten Metzger / February 4, 2018

Valentine’s Day is filled with activities for speech, language, and fine motor goals and this week we’re highlighting Valentine card…

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

By Kirsten Metzger / December 3, 2017

Toys for Speech and Language Development As speech-language pathologists, we are often asked for our recommendations on toys and games…

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Halloween Time! Language and Fine Motor Activities

By Kirsten Metzger / October 18, 2017

It’s 2 weeks away so it’s officially Halloween Time! Today we have some fun Halloween time language and fine motor…

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It’s Leaf Time!

By Kirsten Metzger / October 9, 2017

Fall is here, despite our temps humid and above 80! But if you look outside you may see the first…

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Solar eclipse is almost here! Read on for language and fine motor eclipse activities

By Kirsten Metzger / August 18, 2017

Building Blocks Therapy is excited for the solar eclipse coming on Monday August 21st!  We’ve got our glasses and LOTS…

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Obstacle Courses at Camp!

By Kirsten Metzger / July 14, 2017

Obstacle courses!  Always a camp favorite and easy to repeat because we can make them differently (or the same!) each…

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Camp Preparation

By Kirsten Metzger / June 28, 2017

As June winds down, camp preparation picks up! We are busy making supplies, organizing materials, and planning our days. This…

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Creating Communication Opportunities

By Kirsten Metzger / May 5, 2017

Creating communication opportunities is a topic we speech pathologists discuss a LOT with our parents. In working with our kids…

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